Repentir is a mobile application that enables gallery visitors to explore the successive stages of under-workings beneath an oil painting’s surface. The app offers an innovative approach to digital reproduction and prospectively generates new business models and audiences for contemporary art. Developed in collaboration with painter Nathan Walsh, Repentir was designed around the artist’s recent work, Transamerica. Working as part of the research team Walsh photographed the daily state of Transamerica over the four months it took him to produce.

Repentir, which is demonstrated in the video to the right, formally launched at CHI ’13 in Paris in late April, where it was presented alongside the completed Transamerica. Repentir is available to download for free from the App Store although the original Transamerica—or a reproduction of it—must be available for the app to function.

It was featured in an exhibition of “Interactive Prints” at  the York gallery According to McGees to raise money for the charity New Visuality before the Nathan Walsh show at the Bernaducci Meisel gallery in New York.


Hook J., Briggs J., Blythe M., Walsh N. and Olivier P., ‘Repentir: Digital Exploration Beneath the Surface of an Oil Painting.’ [pdf]

link to app store