Jason Wilsher-Mills publishes his work online under the pseudonym Bluejayway. The artist was recruited through Flickr as part of a desk study into the new cultural spaces which have been opened up by “web 2.0″ technologies. Wilsher-Mills uses an iPad and art-making apps to produce digital paintings which—along with thousands of other artists—he sometimes displays on content sharing social media websites such as Flickr.

A progressive condition which affects his strength determined that Wilsher-Mills innovate around his painting practice and take-up the light and portable tablet devices for making art. Having established himself as a digital artist Wilsher-Mills is now flourishing professionally and is the recipient of two Arts Council England awards.

The artist is working with the Digital Originals team to create a series of bespoke prototypes. These are being developed in the context of the enquiry as responses to Wilsher-Mills’ most recent artistic and wider concerns.


Briggs J. and Blythe M., ‘Post Anxiety Art: Economies and cultures of digital painting.’ [pdf]

Bluejayway images