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19.08.13 BBC Radio Lincoln Jason Wilsher-Mills on ‘Mervyn in the Morning’
Talking about his work, including as part of Digital Originals.

30.05.13 Wirtualna Polska (Virtual Poland) ‘Perfekcyjne do granic’,15686924,img,15686966,kat,1011061,galeria.html?ticaid=110c1b

20.05.13 Daily Mail Online ‘Spectacular paintings of Big Apple and Chicago that are so realistic even seasoned residents would look twice’

07.05.13 The Courier Online (Newcastle University) ‘Toon researchers develop app which allows users to deconstruct layers of art’

02.05.13 Smithsonian Magazine (online) ‘Want to See How an Artist Creates a Painting? There’s an App for That’

02.05.13 Science Omega ‘App provides window on creative process’ Katy Edgington

01.05.13 India Times (online) ‘New App Helps Understand the History of a Painting’

01.05.13 The Journal ‘North East universities’ app reveals hidden secrets of paintings’ David Whetstone

30.04.13 Complex: Art and Design ‘Repentir App Allows Users to See the Development of a Painting’ Justin Ray

29.04.13 Radio Electronics ‘Wireless app reveals how artists paint’

29.04.13 Gizmag ‘App allows art viewers to virtually peel back layers of a painting’ Brian Coxworth

28.04.13 Economic Times (mobile) ‘New app can reveal painting’s past with just a swipe’

28.04.13 RedOribit ‘Peeling Back The Layers: New App Let You See Art In Progress’

27.04.13 Newcastle University ‘Exploring Art at a Stroke’

27.04.13 Northumbria University ‘Exploring Art at a Stroke’

26.04.13 NBC News/Technology ‘New app reveals painting’s past with a swipe’ Stephanie Pappas

26.04.13 Technews Daily ‘Artsy App Provides Glimpse Into Creative Process’ Elizabeth Palermo

26.04.13 Live Science ‘New App Reveals Painting’s Past With a Swipe’ Stephanie Pappas

26.04.13 Rocket News ‘New App Reveals Painting’s Past With a Swipe’

26.04.13 Yahoo News ‘New App Reveals Painting’s Past With a Swipe’ Stephanie Pappas

26.04.13 Phys Org ‘Repentir app: Exploring art at a stroke’