Digital Originals is a UK based academic research project which seeks to explore alternative business models for the dissemination of digital content taking art as a case from which to learn.

The easy copying and sharing of digital files presents profound challenges for creative industries. In the context of digital art traditional notions of a signed original or even a limited print run begin to break down. Critics are asking what or where the original image might be. For many new and aspiring artists this presents serious issues. New technologies and new business models are urgently needed to turn some of the challenges into new opportunities for artists, dealers and collectors.

Digital Originals is a cross-university EPSRC funded project (EP/I032088/1) led by researchers in Design at Northumbria University working with the Digital Interaction group in Computing Science at Culture Lab, Newcastle University, other investigators, artists’ groups and individual practitioners. We use off-the-shelf and near-to-market technologies and develop bespoke design prototypes within our research. By working in close collaboration with artists and galleries we are able to evaluate the real world viability of our research outcomes. The project runs until the end of December 2013.

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